The Congress functions to promote sharing of information on all aspects of the potato industry. Delegates represent industry sectors in both developed countries and countries with developing potato industries.

Time until the 11th congress


WPC2021 IRELAND MAY 24-27, 2021

It is envisaged that 1,000 delegates, from developing and developed countries across the globe, including growers, researchers, producers, traders, processors and manufacturers, will attend the Congress. The Irish Potato Federation has also secured the simultaneous hosting of the Europatat Congress, which is the annual congress of the European association of the potato trade. Both events will become a week-long focus on the potato, the third most important food crop in terms of global consumption.

Potato scientists from Sichuan, China visited our farm the past 2 days. Dr He Wei (center) my first Chinese graduate student, starting in 1987, leads the work in Sichuan. Proud to partner with him and his team on Aeroponics and new variety development work in China.

Startling survey results in East #Africa show the huge #potato yield gap between farmers’ yield and what is possible. Private sector players can greatly reduce this by playing key roles in the #potato value chain starting with improved seed potatoes. https://t.co/GW2x2Rr3Hx

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Le Congrès Mondial de la Pomme de terre : un atout supplémentaire pour les paysans des Andes

August 29, 2018

26-07-2018 Au printemps dernier, Trias a attiré l’attention au Congrès Mondial de la Pomme de terre au Pérou. Les contacts réalisés lors de cet événement avec divers partenaires portent leurs fruits. Le Congrès Mondial de la Pomme de terre réunit tous les trois ans mille chercheurs et professionnels de la…


World Potato Congress gives farmers in the Andes an extra boost

August 29, 2018

26-07-2018 This spring, Trias was one of the highlights at the World Potato Congress in Peru. The contacts made during this event with various partners have been fruitful. Every three years, the World Potato Congress brings together thousands of researchers and professionals from the global potato sector. For this spring’s…


Huge potato yield gap in Sub-Saharan Africa needs the private sector to fix it!

August 27, 2018

By Dieudonné Harahagazwe, Independent Consultant August 2018 The impact of increasing population on food demand is expected to be accentuated in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as it is expected to account for half of the world population increment by 2050 compared to one fifth in 1999. In this regard, the potatoes,…


Hopes for potato farming in the Kingdom running high

August 16, 2018

After determining the best provinces in the country to grow potatoes, Cambodian scientists are now working to figure out what varieties adapt best to the local soil and will have the highest yields. Initial tests conducted by scientists at the Potato Research Institute, a centre in the Royal University of…


Enormous Potato Production Potential in Africa

July 19, 2018

Since 1990, the acreage used for potato production worldwide has increased by 40%. The delivered volume has also doubled. Over the same period, the trade value of potatoes has shot up by 400%. Dr Maximo Torero is the World Bank’s Executive Director. He says that, in a large part, this…


WPC-ALAP 2018: Gratitude and Farewell / Gratitud y Despedida

July 3, 2018

Dear Madams and Sirs, The Organizing Committee of the 10th World Potato Congress – XXVIII Congreso de la Asociación Latinoamericana de la Papa (ALAP) reiterates its gratitude to those who attended the event and informs them that the organizing committees’ work will soon conclude. After months of intense work, and…


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