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World Potato Congress Inc. is a non-profit organization supported by a group of volunteer Directors and International Advisors representing potato jurisdictions around the world.

World Potato Congress Inc. is a premier global networking organization which creates opportunities by facilitating communication and information sharing throughout the world potato community.

The Congress functions to promote sharing of information on all aspects of the potato industry. Delegates represent industry sectors in both developed countries and countries with developing potato industries.

Time until the 11th congress


WPC2021 IRELAND MAY 31 - JUNE 3, 2021

It is envisaged that 1,000 delegates, from developing and developed countries across the globe, including growers, researchers, producers, traders, processors and manufacturers, will attend the Congress. The Irish Potato Federation has also secured the simultaneous hosting of the Europatat Congress, which is the annual congress of the European association of the potato trade. Both events will become a week-long focus on the potato, the third most important food crop in terms of global consumption.

Next @wpcongress #webinar on #truepotatoseeds by #Solynta ceo #HeinKruyt on February 20 9:00 am EST

@samarendumohant @krushibibhag @Horticultureod1 @Cipotato @rtb @icarindia Wonderful to see the innovations you are making with the small land holders of Odisha! Thanks for sharing great pictures of that work.

The history of the #potato and the potato for the history .... intersting view @IrishTimes @wpcongress

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WPC Webinar April 14, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time with Dr. Alex Karasev Presenting: “Potato Viruses: An Update”

April 2, 2020

WPC is pleased to continue its webinar series and is extremely pleased to have Dr. Alex Karasev present “Potato Viruses: An Update”. ABSTRACT Viruses affect potato in two ways, by reducing yield of marketable tubers, and sometimes also by reducing the quality of tubers. Because potato is cultivated as a…


WPC Webinar on March 18th: Dr. Leah Tsror on Powdery Scab – Integrated Disease Management for Reducing the Risk

February 24, 2020

The World Potato Congress is extremely pleased to be offering its third webinar in 2020 featuring Dr. Leah Tsror. Powdery scab causes significant economic damage in potato production worldwide due to reduced quality and marketability of seed and ware tubers. Disease development depends on a range of factors, including inoculum…


World Revised figures show halt in rise in potato production

February 20, 2020 The increase in world potato production stalled in 2018 and failed to recover significantly in 2019. World output slipped by =1.5% to 368.247 million tonnes in 2018 figures just released by the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation show. However, that was still the third highest total ever after 2017…


Webinar Reminder – February 20, 2020 with Hein Kruyt

February 14, 2020

World Potato Congress Inc. Webinar Reminder – February 20, 2020 with Hein Kruyt, CEO, Solynta – What’s All This Talk About Hybrid Breeding and Hybrid True Potato Seeds (HTPS) Revolutionizing The Potato Industry? Don’t miss out on the World Potato Congress’ (WPC) second webinar of 2020 featuring Mr. Hein Kruyt,…


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