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World Potato Congress Inc. is a non-profit organization supported by a group of volunteer Directors and International Advisors representing potato jurisdictions around the world.

World Potato Congress Inc. is a premier global networking organization which creates opportunities by facilitating communication and information sharing throughout the world potato community.

The Congress functions to promote sharing of information on all aspects of the potato industry. Delegates represent industry sectors in both developed countries and countries with developing potato industries.

Time until the 11th congress


WPC2021 IRELAND MAY 31 - JUNE 3, 2021

It is envisaged that 1,000 delegates, from developing and developed countries across the globe, including growers, researchers, producers, traders, processors and manufacturers, will attend the Congress. The Irish Potato Federation has also secured the simultaneous hosting of the Europatat Congress, which is the annual congress of the European association of the potato trade. Both events will become a week-long focus on the potato, the third most important food crop in terms of global consumption.

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P.E.I. potato farmers plant flower-filled 'refuge fields' for pollinators | CBC News

#Potato #apicalrootedcuttings is revolutionary! Thanks to leadership of @samarendumohant @sampritibaruah @MonicaP01992766 @Cipotato and all national partners in India & E. Africa, demystified technology of Vietnamese farmers is improving food security for many small farmers! Thx

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The World Potato Congress Inc. Announces Three New Directors to its Board

June 10, 2020

Romain Cools, President and CEO of the World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC) is pleased to announce that three new Directors are being be appointed to its Board effective July 1, 2020. Dr. Nigel Crump, Australia and Mrs. Elven Huang, China are former WPC International Advisors and Mr. Bret Nedrow, USA…


Webinar June 25, 2020 at 09:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time with Burkhard Kuhlmann Presenting

June 10, 2020

World Potato Congress Inc. Webinar June 25, 2020 at 09:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time with Burkhard Kuhlmann Presenting: “Mechanisation Levels for the Global Potato Industry” The World Potato Congress Inc. is very pleased to be continuing its webinar series. We are very delighted to feature Mr. Burkhard Kuhlmann who will…


World Potato Congress comments on COVID-19 pandemic halting global trade

May 7, 2020

The World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC), a global potato network, is leading numerous local potato driven initiatives in developing regions of the world in response to growing food security concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Among many economic sectors, the frozen potato products value chain has been “confronted with a true…


COVID-19 Pandemic Halts Global Trade of Rice and Cereals Creating a Food Security Challenge

May 7, 2020

COVID-19 has shaken the whole world impacting society and the global economy similar to the effect of a world war. Among many economic sectors, the frozen potato products value chain has been confronted with a true drama. The global lock down closing restaurants and halted tourism has all but stopped…


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