WPC's Webinar Series Video #2: Dr. Peter VanderZaag on Geographic Constraints in Potato Breeding: Role of Day Length and Light Intensity in Selecting for Adaptation.

WPC's webinar series brings potato professionals together by offering presentations to share innovative knowledge and increase its networking role for the global professional potato value chain.

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The Congress functions to promote sharing of information on all aspects of the potato industry. Delegates represent industry sectors in both developed countries and countries with developing potato industries.

Time until the 11th congress


WPC2021 IRELAND MAY 24-27, 2021

It is envisaged that 1,000 delegates, from developing and developed countries across the globe, including growers, researchers, producers, traders, processors and manufacturers, will attend the Congress. The Irish Potato Federation has also secured the simultaneous hosting of the Europatat Congress, which is the annual congress of the European association of the potato trade. Both events will become a week-long focus on the potato, the third most important food crop in terms of global consumption.

Part3: at #OntarioPotatoConference I showed clearly how the global #CO2 budget could be greatly improved/balanced by farmers if we were encouraged through carbon credits of say CA$10-20/Tonne to do #covercrops based on an agreed upon formula. Our #governments need to act on this.

Part 2: a multi author study shows where on the planet things are greener today including a large belt in the Midwest of NA & Ontario thanks to reduced #tillage and #covercrops . In China &India it’s thanks to intensive multiple cropping systems. These have helped sequester #CO2

I spoke at #Ontario Potato Conference on the decline in #soilhealth since 1960 @ population of 3Bn and the # Greenrevolution; which saved 1Bn lives from starvation leading us to today with 7.7Bn and global soil health issues. Global pop. poverty levels declined from 60 to 10%

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Plans get underway for 11th World Potato Congress in Ireland

March 18, 2019

BY LUKIE PIETERSE ON MARCH 17, 2019 Representatives of the Northern Ireland Potato Stakeholder Group recently met with members of the Irish Potato Federation who are coordinating the 11th World Potato Congress taking place in Ireland, from May 31 to June 2, 2021. The Irish Potato Federation competed successfully against stiff international competition,…


World Potato Congress Inc. Welcomes Dr. Nigel Crump as its New International Advisor, Oceania

March 18, 2019

World Potato Congress President, Romain Cools is very pleased to welcome Dr. Nigel Crump to its International Advisory Committee. “Dr. Crump is an excellent addition to our highly respected professional group of International Advisors. With Nigel’s addition, we now have potato specialists representing all parts of the world.” PhD. Sc.…


March 08, 2019, World Potato Congress Inc. Webinar with Dr. Peter VanderZaag

March 11, 2019

This is a reminder to mark your calendars for the second World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC) webinar, to be held on Friday, March 8, 2019 at 09:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The topic of WPC Director, Dr. Peter VanderZaag’s presentation is: “Geographic Constraints in Potato Breeding: Role of Day Length,…


New ‘sustainable’ diet underestimates value of potatoes

January 30, 2019

A recent report on improving global diets in a sustainable way has gathered a lot of attention, both positive and negative. EAT-Forum advocated a big switch to plant-based foods, but has seemed to overlook the contribution of one of the world’s most versatile, nutritious and sustainable foods – the potato.…


Potato Biodiversity Film Released

January 16, 2019

“Opening the Earth: The Potato King” is a documentary about Peruvian Julio Hancco, one of the few remaining true guardians of biodiversity left in the world. Of the film’s acceptance to the festival, O Films founder Eric Ebner says, ‘This is a huge milestone for the film and our team.…


World Potato Congress Inc. Announces New International Advisor

January 16, 2019

World Potato Congress President, Romain Cools is very pleased to introduce Dr. André Devaux as the newest WPC International Advisor. “André is a man who has illustrated he can act local and think global. During his work as Director for CIP in Latin America his idea to launch a global…


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