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Future Challenges


Key Directions for the Future of the Congress

Just as the potato itself has evolved and is growing to become one of the world’s most important food crops, World Potato Congress Inc. is expanding to provide more customized service to our membership.

In doing this, World Potato Congress Inc. faces a number of challenges: growth of potato cultivation is now occuring in the developing world. To fulfil the obligation of WPC Inc. we must continue to expand our horizons and become more inclusive.

WPC Inc. is recognized as an important global potato organization. We must use our collective influence to help development organizations understand the power of the potato to promote social and economic development.

Congress events have been an important part of WPC Inc.’s history. We will harness the opportunity presented by new communication technology to support communities of interest around the globe.

As an autonomous organization, WPC Inc. faces the ongoing challenge of maintaining financial stability. We believe that by delivering value to our supporters, in turn we build real value and stability that allow us to achieve our Mission.

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