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President’s Address

Dear subscriber,

The World Potato Congress Inc. is an organization that was created and promotes the international World Potato Congress. We are a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to support the global growth and development of the potato industry.

The World Potato Congress is the world’s premier global networking organization which creates opportunities by facilitating communication and information sharing throughout the world potato community. The World Potato Congress Board of Directors, International Advisory Committee and General Manager invest in the continuous work to support and improve this unique networking platform for the global potato industry.

World Potato Congress Inc. was created in 1993 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and has evolved into the modern, dynamic and ambitious organization it is today. This is the result of energetic involvement and commitment of my three predecessors, Lloyd Palmer, Allan Parker and David Thompson, together with their Board of Directors. The new Board and management of World Potato Congress are excited to continue and further develop this global network.

More than ever, innovations in the potato sector seem to develop at a greater speed. New technologies are becoming available to potato professionals all over the world which increase opportunities for new projects in this sector.

During the last few years, we have noticed a growing demand for support and knowledge sharing from organizations active in developing countries. New opportunities arise to enable the start of public/private partnerships, which create opportunities for local communities to find a way out of poverty or to develop new sustainable growth.

The role of the Sustaining Partners Initiative is crucial to sustain the World Potato Congress’ operations and to provide seed money necessary to continue and increase the quantity and quality of our networking opportunities. As such, Sustaining Partners’ support helps to develop and promote the benefits of the potato both locally and globally.

On behalf of all potato professionals active in the chain from farm to fork, we are grateful for the support of the Sustaining Partners in creating additional access to joining the global potato family by helping WPC become a unique global networking platform.

As President of the Board of Directors of the World Potato Congress Inc., I am always available to provide you with additional information about our program. Wouldn’t it be great to also have your company or organization as a pillar of the bridge to new global potato development?

Kind regards,

Romain Cools
President and CEO

For more information on World Potato Congress Inc., view President Cools’ webinar on our website.

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