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The World Potato Congress Industry Award

Industry Award Recipients

2024 WPC Industry Awards

On Tuesday, June 25, following the 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide, Australia, an Industry Award Ceremony was held to recognize nine remarkable individuals who have devoted their life’s work to the potato industry. WPC President Peter VanderZaag presented the awards at the sold-out closing Gala Dinner with over 800 attendees at the iconic Adelaide Oval.

The nine Global Industry Award winners were: Nelio Compelio, Philippines; Walter Davidson, Canada; Abd-Allah Md Dhaif-Allah, Yemen; Dr. Paul Horne, Australia; Dr. Liping Jin, China; Dr. Mohinder Singh Kadian, India, Frank Mitolo, Australia; Alan Pye, Australia, Dengshe (Don) Wang, China.

The Awards recognize outstanding personal contribution and leadership in respect to the development and progress of the global potato industry.

2022 - Ireland
2018 - Peru

Dr. Anton Haverkort, the Netherlands
Mr. Alberto Salas, Peru
Dr. Gary Secor, USA

2012 – Scotland
Dr. Stuart Carnegie – Scotland
Guy Van den Broeke – Belgium
Luc Van den Broeke – Belgium
Ennino Pizzoli – Italy

2015 - China
Dr. Yili Chen, China
Albert T. Wada, USA
Kees Van Arendonk, the Netherlands
Dr. Neil C. Gudmestad, USA
Dr. Kevin Clayton-Green, Australia

2009 – New Zealand
Ron Gall, New Zealand
Gregg Halverson, USA
Hardev Sing Sangha, India
Mr Joop N Stet, the Netherlands.

2006 – USA
Jim Godfrey, UK
David Montgomery, Australia
Dr. Dongyu Qu, China
Ronald D. Offutt, USA

2004 – China
Ray Owen, England
Antonie M (Tony) van Leersum, The Netherlands
Walter Karl Heinz (Buebi) Krohn, Germany
Dr. Prof. Song Bofu, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

2000 – The Netherlands
Jan Frans Binst- Belgium
Kees van Loon, The Netherlands
Robert Mercer, USA
Dr. John Hillman, Dundee, Scotland
Luis Matutano, Spain

1997 – South Africa
John Richard (JR) Simplot, Idaho, USA
Dr. Hubert Zandstra, International Potato Center, Lima, Peru
Heinz Wenger, Germany
Robin Pooley, England

1994 – England
Harrison McCain, New Brunswick, Canada
Dr. Gunther Graf, Germany
Dr. Jack Dennett, Caithness, Scotland
Mr. Andreas Savvides, Nicosia, Cyprus

1993 – Canada
David Loggie, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Walter Kroaker, Manitoba, Canada
Prof. John Neiderhouser, Arizona, USA
Dr. Date van der Zaag, Wageningen, The Netherlands

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