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Sunrise Potato Storage LTD. World Potato Congress Newest Silver Sustaining Partner

Romain Cools, President of the World Potato Congress Inc. is extremely pleased to welcome Sunrise Potato Storage LTD. as its most recent Silver Sustaining Partner.

President Cools stated: “The World Potato Congress is looking forward to working with Sunrise Potato Storage LTD. and all our Sustaining Partners to further the growth and awareness of the importance of the global potato sector.”

Sunrise Potato is an inter-generational farm involving Peter & Carla VanderZaag, daughter Ruth and son-in-law Nick Ploeg. We are located in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. We grow, store and market potatoes for the chip snack food sector. Our potatoes are processed both in Canada as well as in the NE USA.

We grow numerous chipping varieties on 19 different farmland locations within 40km of our storage facility.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities hold up to 400,000 cwt (18,000 tonnes) of potatoes in 19 separate bins. The potatoes are stored for up to 10 months and then prepared for delivery through an automated wash line system where they are washed and sorted.
Sunrise Potato Storage employs 5 full time workers and 6 part-time workers. We also have 4 seasonal workers from Mexico from March thru October.

Sunrise Potato is dedicated to sustainable production practices that ameliorate our soils, air and water quality.

Sunrise Potato Storage Ltd.
5546 County Road 15,
Alliston, Ontario L9R 1V3

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