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WPC Welcomes AgriERP, The Polish Potato Federation and Ellips/Elisam as WPC’s newest Silver Sustaining Partners!




The World Potato Congress Inc. is pleased to welcome AgriERP,  The Polish Potato Federation and Ellips/Elisam as our newest Silver Sustaining Partners.

The Polish Potato Federation was established to integrate the Polish potato industry. It carries out continuous activities aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of the domestic potato production, which directly contribute to the competitiveness of the Polish potato on the domestic and international market. The Federation is based on the involvement and values of their members.  They are focused on achieving the goals set, and creating new opportunities for the Polish potato industry.

The Polish Potato Federation participates in the organization of numerous potato industry events collaborating with other regional organizations. For example, in 2021, together with the Ukrainian Potato Producers Association, the Polish Potato Federation organized the International Potato Fair in Poland, and established the organization “Potato Producers Three Seas Initiative”.

Ellips technology was founded over three decades ago by a team of advanced software engineers in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their passion led to the development of the fastest and most accurate optical grading technology in the world. To this day, their technology continues to lead the industry ensuring their customers can see the unseen and ensuring they can maximize every harvest.

Founded with Ellips in Italy in 2010, Elisam now operates in more than 25 countries helping growers to transform their success. Their advanced optical graders can be installed in warehouses of every size and shape, seamlessly integrating into any facility. Every solution is carefully designed and customized to meet the requirements needed with efficiency and accuracy.


AgriERP is the most advanced farm management software powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP which helps streamline your agricultural operations. AgriERP users get a complete suite of farm management solutions that equip farming companies with functionalities such as budgeting & reporting, vendor management, supply chain management, crop operations, quality control, yield forecasting, real-time inventory tracking, and more. That means AgriERP users can manage all their farming operations through a centralized platform to extract insights and improve overall productivity.

AgriERP Solutions

  • Efficient Harvest Planning & Tracking: Tools for optimizing harvest timing and processes, managing resources like labor and equipment, and tracking yield data.
  • Potato Inventory & Storage: Systems for tracking, managing, and optimizing potato stocks to ensure quality preservation and timely access to produce.
  • Financial Tracking and Analysis: Tools for making well-informed financial decisions, maintaining accurate records, and enhancing profitability.
  • Compliance and Traceability: Ensures adherence to regional regulations and standards in potato farming, with meticulous record-keeping for audits and certifications.
  • Enable Precision Potato Farming: Devices for real-time monitoring of soil conditions and weather, supporting informed decisions for irrigation and management.

Key Features of AgriERP for Potato Growers

  • Crop Planning & Optimization: Tools for advanced planning like optimal planting schedules, crop rotation, and selection of crop varieties, aimed at maximizing yield and soil fertility.
  • Traceability & Compliance: Ensuring compliance with industry standards through rigorous tracking of farming operations from planting to packaging.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Powerful reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into potato farm operations and supply chain, supporting data-driven decisions.
  • Soil Health Monitoring: Offers insights to optimize soil conditions, improve crop quality, and boost yield potential.
  • Resource Optimization: Focuses on efficient management of land, water, and labor resources to maximize productivity and control costs.

The annual Sustaining Partnership Program with the World Potato Congress Inc. provides our partners with global marketing and networking opportunities during and between Congresses.  Partners receive various benefits including free registrations to Congresses (valued at approximately $1000 each), advertising, invitations to exclusive networking opportunities at the Congress Event and more.

Check out the list of benefits here:

Thank you to the AgriERP, the Polish Potato Federation and Ellips/Elisam for your support. The WPC Inc. looks forward to on-going relationships with our Sustaining Partners as we head into the upcoming World Potato Congress in Adelaide, Australia this June 23-26.

Congress Trade Show and Corporate Sponsoring:

Sponsorship and trade show opportunities are available. The Congress will provide an excellent opportunity for the potato industry to network, make new business connections, engage with the global audience, and secure contracts whilst attending WPC 2024.

Come and say G’day! For more information, please visit World Potato Congress or contact our Meeting Managers: The Conference Company. Email:
Freephone (within Aus): 1800 193 405 or Telephone: +64 9 360 1240

The World Potato Congress Inc. initiatives are funded in part by the following Sustaining Partners. For more information on how your company can benefit from partnership, please inquire at or visit our website at

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