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Gold Partners

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Agrico Cooperatie

Agrico: your powerful partner from seedling to the supermarket shelf

A powerful, cooperative organisation that sells potatoes all over the world, breeds new varieties and develops innovative solutions. That sums up Agrico. From seedling to the supermarket shelf.

Seed potatoes

Each country and each population has its own preferences regarding shape taste and cooking quality. On top of that, each country or region has its own, unique cultivation conditions. Type of soil, climate, fertilisation and storage conditions are all key factors determining the end result.

We export seed potatoes to buyers all over the world. They can chose from a range comprising more than 80 varieties. At Agrico you will always find a potato that meets your specific requirements.

Table potatoes

Agrico produces quality table potatoes for the traditional market, as well as supermarket programs. For supermarkets Agrico organize year round programs with several varieties from soils in Holland, Cyprus, Malta, Israel, Egypt, Spain and Portugal, to guarantee customers excellent quality throughout the year.

Organic potatoes

Organic potato varieties are grown under the brand name Bioselect. Furthermore, Agrico supplies various specially selected potato varieties for the production of potato products such as crisps and French fries.

Packing and breeding/research company

Agrico has also a packing company for table potatoes in Purmerend, Leo de Kock BV, and a breeding/research company, Agrico Research in Bant. Agrico also operates through subsidiaries and participations in France, Italia, Great-Britain, Poland, Slovenia, Scotland, Romania, Finland, Sweden and Canada as well as agencies in practically all seed importing countries.

6008 46th Avenue Taber,
Alberta T1G-2B1


Potato Growers of Alberta

The Potato Growers of Alberta (PGA) is the member driven organization of the Potato Industry in Alberta. Founded on April 16th, 1966, today’s organization is home to 140 licensed producers, 52 packer dealers, 12 licensed greenhouse operators and 7 licensed processors.

The province grows about 53,000 acres of potatoes annually with about 75% of that production in French fries and chips, 19% is seed acres and the remaining 6 % is fresh. Over 50% of our seed is exported annually to the US and other Canadian provinces. All of the processing production is in Southern Alberta under irrigation. The seed production spreads across the central (Red Deer) and northern AB (Edmonton) area with half of the production under irrigation as well.

The processing industry in Alberta is home to Lamb Weston, McCain’s, Cavendish Farms, PepsiCo-Frito Lay and Old Dutch. All five of the plants are in Southern Alberta. The PGA operates its head office out of Taber, Alberta with a satellite office for our seed division out of Edmonton Alberta.

5546 County Road 15,
Alliston, ON L9R 1V3

Sunrise Potato Storage ltd.

Sunrise Potato is an intergenerational farm involving Peter & Carla VanderZaag, daughter Ruth and son-in-law Nick Ploeg. We are located in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. We grow, store and market potatoes for the chip snack food sector. Our potatoes are processed both in Canada as well as in the NE USA.

We grow numerous chipping varieties on 19 different farmland locations within 40km of our storage facility.
Our state-of-the-art storage facilities hold up to 400,000 cwt (18,000 tonnes) of potatoes in 19 separate bins. The potatoes are stored for up to 10 months and then prepared for delivery through an automated wash line system where they are washed and sorted.

Sunrise Potato Storage employs 5 full time workers and 6 part-time workers. We also have 4 seasonal workers from Mexico from March thru October.

Sunrise Potato is dedicated to sustainable production practices that ameliorate our soils, air and water quality.

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