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Silver Partners


Box 35, Broderick, SK  SOH OLO

PH: (306) 867-1212
FX: (306) 867-1213

Tuberosum Technologies Inc.

Tuberosum Technologies Inc. is an innovative potato research and development company dedicated to improving the efficiency and sustainability of potato production. In addition to its own breeding program in Canada, Tuberosum has contracted exclusive breeding programs with private breeders in the Netherlands and Chile to generate new and improved genetics for emerging and innovative potato markets. Our world is ever changing. Tuberosum is aware of the strains farming can have on our ecology. With this in mind, Tuberosum’s primary focus is to create more resilient crop with higher yields, more nutrients, and more resistant to abiotic stresses. Achieving potato varieties with these qualities will lessen the strain potato production has on the grower and the environment. Using traditional breeding methods, Tuberosum’s mandate is to help feed the world better.

102 E. 3rd Ave., Ste. 202
PO Box 1696 Moses Lake, WA 98837

(509) 765-0698

(509) 764-2241

Ag World Support Systems

Precision. Quality. Trust.

For over 20 years Ag World Support Systems has been dedicated to providing accurate and reliable potato and vegetable inspection services to growers and processors worldwide – with current operations in the United States, Canada, and China.  The inspection information Ag World generates provides the basis for grower payment and delivers accurate, on-time, and unbiased verification of product quality and condition, which growers and processors utilize to optimize their operations.

Our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation has made Ag World the trusted global leader in agricultural inspection services. Superior customer service, continual training and quality people make Ag World a company committed to better serving the independent third-party inspection needs of agriculture.

Meensesteenweg 545,
8800 Roeselare, Belgium

+32 51 24 55 66

(509) 764-2241


About AVR bv

AVR manufactures a full range of machinery for the cultivation of potatoes as well as other bulbous and tuberous plants. From seed bed preparation, planting and ridging to haulm topping, harvesting and storing. AVR bv is a Belgian family company with over 175 years of experience. Its head office is located in Roeselare, the in-store equipment is manufactured in Veendam in the Netherlands.

AVR’s mission is to help its customers store a higher percentage of sellable crops with less input. Reliability, steadfastness and commitment are key values in achieving that goal.

On the one hand, the ‘Keen & Green’ label stands for market oriented and clever solutions (Keen) that boost efficiency; on the other hand, the label is synonymous with sustainability, both in use and consumption. A large service department and the establishment of a training centre are just some of the ways in which AVR strives to provide customers and dealers with maximum support.

AVR has 180 employees internationally. Its worldwide dealer network consists of more than 100 dealers. In 2019, AVR realised a turnover of € 61 million, thanks to its customers in 50 countries.

The Cottages Wester Meathie
For far Angus Scotland DD8 IXJ

+44(0)1307 820792

+44(0)1307 820793

Cygnet PEP Ltd

Cygnet PEP Ltd is a privately owned company specialising in exporting Scottish seed potatoes to customers worldwide.

With exclusive rights to all Cygnet PB Ltd bred varieties, as well as a broad portfolio of internationally accepted free varieties, Cygnet PEP Ltd can offer customers a variety mix suitable for table, French fry and chipping/crisping production.

Cygnet PEP’s development program tests new varieties in wide ranging conditions from the desert heat of north Africa and the middle east, to the warm humid conditions of south east Asia and the relatively varied conditions across Europe.

Cygnet PEP’s seed producers and facilities are based within the Safe Haven of Scotland from where high grade seed is grown, graded, quality controlled and exported.

Moorseelsesteenweg 20
BE – 8800 Roeselare, Belgium

+32 51 20 58 71


Dewulf is a leading global player and full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops. With three locations – in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania – the company leads the industry in the development and production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, storing, grading and transport of potatoes and vegetables.

The family business has a rich 77-year history and is now under management of the third generation. Experience that we are happy to share daily with our customers in order to help them grow. Our mission is to offer the most reliable, user-friendly, and crop-optimal solutions by understanding the market needs of today and tomorrow. This allows us to build enjoyable long-term partnerships, which are always guided by our core values: We respect, we partner, we innovate and we commit. With passion!

GmbH & Co. KG
Hunteburger Str. 32;
D-49401 Damme

+49 5491 666-0


The Grimme Company started off in a small way about 150 years ago in Lower Saxony, Germany. Over several decades the company established itself as a specialist in potato technology for field and storage. From bed cultivation and planting technology to harvest and storage technology, Grimme offers effective and complete solutions. In the meantime the company has also developed into a specialist for sugar beet harvest technology.

In 120 countries customers can rely on the well-known red machines. No matter whether far away in Argentina or Australia or in our domestic market in Germany: all around world users can appreciate Grimme technology. Grimme works close together with their independent sales and service partners as well as Grimme owned service and sales subsidiaries.

More than 2,000 qualified and highly motivated staff, in the Grimme group, live by the common slogan “Innovation for Tradition”. Around Damme, Germany, Grimme is one of the largest employers with over 1,300 permanent full-time staff. Also over 120 young people are trained in different technical and commercial professions. Furthermore, several students complete their skills every year by gaining practical experience in various technical and business fields away from Grimme.

P.O. Box 88
8500 AB Joure
The Netherlands

+31 (0)513 489888

+31 (0)513 489844

HZPC Holding B.V.

Founded in 1898 and rooted in The Netherlands, HZPC has grown to become global market leader in innovative breeding, seed potato trading and concept development. HZPC aims for durable growth. HZPC offers innovative potato varieties that are optimized for local growing conditions. It shares knowledge and serves solutions that dynamically anticipate the climatological, cultural and commercial challenges faced by the entire food sector. With 400 employees across 16 countries, and exports to over 90 countries, HZPC contributes to the availability of responsible food for the well-being of millions of people worldwide. 
For more information about HZPC, visit their website.

KORTRIJK XPODoorniksesteenweg
2168500 Kortrijk Belgium

+32 56 24 11 11


The biggest indoor potato event in the world!

 INTERPOM is the most specialised indoor trade fair for the potato and vegetable sector in Europe where the whole chain is represented: from growing, to processing and marketing.

INTERPOM offers a complete and above all sharply focused range of products and services for all professionals in the potato and vegetable sector: growers, contractors, processors, packers, buyers and traders of fresh and processed potatoes and vegetables from all corners of Europe – and increasingly, from other continents as well. INTERPOM continues to grow and become more international each time round with 310 exhibitors from 15 countries and 20.000 visitors from 49 countries at the past edition.

INTERPOM is an initiative of Belgapom, the official trade association of the Belgian potato sector (trade and processing). The practical organization is in the capable hands of Kortrijk Xpo

777 Circle K Drive Winkler, MB R6W 0K7

Kroeker Farms

Kroeker Farms is located in Winkler Manitoba, Canada.  Being one of the largest potatoes farms in Canada, Kroeker Farms focuses on producing high quality, fresh potatoes, supplying across North America, 12 months per year.  Kroeker Farms’ fresh potato focus is on the highest quality red and yellow potatoes, organic and baby potatoes.  Satellite farms are located in Saskatchewan and Minnesota in the US.  Kroeker Farms’ new Vision Statement is “Healthy Food – Healthy World”, speaking the fact that fresh potatoes are a healthy and nutritious food, while healthy world speaks to Kroeker Farms’ dedication to preserving and enhancing the environment.

11749-180 Street NW
Edmonton, AB, T5S 2H6

801 Little Potato Way
DeForest, WI, 53532

+1 855 516 6075

The Little Potato Company

The Little Potato Company is North America’s leader in the breeding, growing, and marketing of proprietary fresh Little potatoes. Focused exclusively on Creamers (including fingerlings), we work with specialty breeders and growers to provide a quality and consistent supply of product year-round. Creamer potatoes are a nutrient-rich vegetable bursting with vitamins, minerals, and are naturally fat-, cholesterol-, and gluten-free. Our entire product line including both bagged and value-added kits can be found in retailers across North America. We are always thinking about tomorrow by conducting extensive research and development into new varieties to improve the consumer experience, expand our portfolio, and invest in engaging marketing tools to drive sales.

Fifth Floor, Jones Building
11 Kent Street, P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PEI
Canada C1A 7N8

(902) 368-4880

(902) 368-4857

PEI Department of Agriculture & Land

The agriculture industry is the single largest contributor to the economy of Prince Edward Island. The mandate of the Department of Agriculture is to promote the growth of sustainable and prosperous farming enterprise, and thereby increase the economic impact of the industry. The department provides a range of programs and services to broaden and diversify the industry, support innovation and encourage value-added opportunities.

Providing quality advice and assistance to producers is a top priority for the department.

The major goals of the department include the provision of effective risk management for producers; promoting environment stewardship practices; supporting food safety and quality; and carrying out measures to encourage industry self-reliance. It also offers laboratory and diagnostic services.

The department works closely with agricultural and commodity groups and seeks their input on agricultural policies and programs. It is also exploring new opportunities for areas of cooperation with other provinces in the region. The department also partners with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to deliver joint programs in the province.

New strategies are being developed to support and encourage the production and marketing of high quality products from sustainable production systems that will be increasingly recognized and rewarded in the marketplace.

Techo Park, 6 De Havilland Cres,
Persequor, Pretoria, 0001

+27 (0)12 349 1906

Potatoes South Africa

Potatoes South Africa (PSA) is a Non-profit Company under the Companies Act, 2008 (Act 71 of 2008), whose main objectives are:

  • To serve as the mouthpiece of the South African potato producers;
  • To establish and maintain a central representative body called the Potato Industry Forum, in respect of all potato affairs in which all the role players in the potato industry can participate and in doing so set industry strategies;
  • To institute and endorse the maintenance of a national Potato Industry Development Trust which shall collect, distribute and govern industry levies in accordance to statutory strategies as set out in the government notices;
  • To structure any business activity or service in such a manner that financial interests and results are transparent and are made available to all interested parties independent of PSA;
  • To strive for the systematic development and environment friendly outlook of the potato industry, including, inter alia, the preservation of the soil and water resources, the maintenance and improvement of the fertility of the land and improvement of production and marketing methods.

In terms of its role in the potato industry, PSA operates as an industry association and its structure represents a network of participating role players and individuals who are involved in various forums and committees. The vision of PSA is to build a viable potato industry in South Africa.

1100 East 6600 South, Suite 305
Salt Lake City, UT 84121


United Potato Growers of America

United Potato Growers of America is a federated farmer cooperative that focuses on managing its members’ potato supply so as to positively affect their economic success. It is through United membership that potato growers are empowered to better understand and act upon demand for their product.

PO Box 400, 1804 Edison Street, Antigo, Wisconsin, USA 54409

Volm Companies Inc.

Volm Companies Inc. has been providing the potato industry with the latest generation packaging equipment, materials and supplies for over 60 years.

We are a major national and international manufacturer and supplier of potato packaging. Multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities, along with our large trucking fleet, ensure you have the packaging you need when you’re ready to use it. We are committed to manufacturing at the highest level of quality to ensure top production speeds on automated equipment and package integrity at the point of purchase.

Volm also provides a program called Volm Inventory Management Solutions (VIMS). The program is designed to improve the flow of finished goods and, ultimately, to ensure a reliable source of materials.

We manufacture a complete portfolio of industry leading automated potato packaging equipment under the Volmpack brand name. Volmpack equipment is the market share leader across North America due to its quality, dependability and accuracy in weighing and bagging. We partner with world-class equipment suppliers to offer full-line equipment solutions for potato packers – from receiving wash lines to palletizing systems.

Our Volm Engineered Solutions Team (VEST) consists of expert designers and engineers who will customize the equipment solutions for new or existing facilities.

2155 ProvidenceLn Idaho Falls,ID 83404

Toll Free:1-888-289-9232Main Sales Line: 208-542-2898

Transportation Line: 208-227-1406


Wada Farms

Wada Farms has been cultivating excellence for over 65 years as a leading grower and packer in the potato industry.  Based in Idaho, this family-owned and operated business is dedicated toward the delivery of fresh and innovative products sustainably.

Established in 1943, Wada Farms operates in 6 diversified farming locations across three counties, totaling around 30,000 irrigated acres.  The original farming operation has expanded to include a fresh potato, onion, and sweet potato marketing group, 140,000 sq. ft. fresh potato packing warehouse, and trucking company.  Growing over a billion potatoes annually, Wada Farms is among the largest growers and packers in the industry.

Wada Farms Marketing Group is the exclusive marketer of Dole fresh potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes in North America.  Wada packs a variety of labels in addition to Dole with the ability to supply fresh product from every major growing area in the country.  Wada Farms also offers industry leading category management analysis and support through Category Partners.

Elmsdale, Prince Edward Island,
Canada, C0B 1K0


W. P. Griffin Inc.

W.P. Griffin Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has a proud heritage of over 70 years in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Recently they were awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Atlantic winner in the Business-to-Consumer Products and Services category.

The Farming Division showcases new table varieties, sustainable farming practices, food safety & quality. We annually produce 4,000 acres of potatoes, grain, soybean, rye, and hay. Cultivating many different potato varieties some of our favourites include Russets, Reds, White and Yellow Fleshed potatoes.

W.P. Griffin Inc. packages many different types of potatoes in a variety of packaging, including traditional paper, poly, mesh and poly-mesh bags and count packs & 50’s for the food service industry. Their specialty line packs products such as Restaurant-style Bakers, Small & Mini Gourmet potatoes, Potato Cuisine Mini (spice a spec included), BBQ Ready & Microwave Ready potatoes.

W.P. Griffin Inc. is committed to producing high quality and safe products for our customers. An internal Quality Assurance Program has been implemented in addition to conducting annual audits, ensuring that our food safety is of the highest caliber. It is a federally registered facility and is C-TPAT certified.


1200 King Edward Street
Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3H 0R5

10761-25th Street N.E., Unit 118
Calgary, AB, Canada, T3N 0A4

(204) 632-7325

Peak of the Market Ltd.

Peak of the Market Ltd. (Peak) is a Grower-owned produce company that connects great farmers with caring consumers. Our vision is to fill half of every plate across North America with fresh vegetables.

While we have a passion for all vegetables, potatoes hold a special place in our hearts. A group of dedicated farmers who grow an array of high-quality potatoes, ranging from reds, yellows and russets to creamers, fingerlings, and organics.

With a full-service team from sales to logistics to packing and distribution, Peak unites the supply chain from seed to plate. Peak’s culture is defined by being "Rooted in Growers", a foundational value that guides every decision we make.


Folio3 Software Inc
160 Bovet Road, Suite 101,
San Mateo, CA 
94402, USA


Folio 3 Software

AgriERP was designed by Folio 3 Software and is the most advanced farm management software powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP which helps streamline your agricultural operations. AgriERP users get a complete suite of farm management solutions that equip farming companies with functionalities such as budgeting & reporting, vendor management, supply chain management, crop operations, quality control, yield forecasting, real-time inventory tracking, and more. That means AgriERP users can manage all their farming operations through a centralized platform to extract insights and improve overall productivity.

AgriERP Solutions

  • Efficient Harvest Planning & Tracking: Tools for optimizing harvest timing and processes, managing resources like labor and equipment, and tracking yield data.
  • Potato Inventory & Storage: Systems for tracking, managing, and optimizing potato stocks to ensure quality preservation and timely access to produce.
  • Financial Tracking and Analysis: Tools for making well-informed financial decisions, maintaining accurate records, and enhancing profitability.
  • Compliance and Traceability: Ensures adherence to regional regulations and standards in potato farming, with meticulous record-keeping for audits and certifications.
  • Enable Precision Potato Farming: Devices for real-time monitoring of soil conditions and weather, supporting informed decisions for irrigation and management.

Key Features of AgriERP for Potato Growers

  • Crop Planning & Optimization: Tools for advanced planning like optimal planting schedules, crop rotation, and selection of crop varieties, aimed at maximizing yield and soil fertility.
  • Traceability & Compliance: Ensuring compliance with industry standards through rigorous tracking of farming operations from planting to packaging.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Powerful reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into potato farm operations and supply chain, supporting data-driven decisions.
  • Soil Health Monitoring: Offers insights to optimize soil conditions, improve crop quality, and boost yield potential.
  • Resource Optimization: Focuses on efficient management of land, water, and labor resources to maximize productivity and control costs.


Cavendish Farms Corporation
100 Midland Drive,
E1A 6X4

T: (506) 858-7710
F: (506) 858-7708

Cavendish Farms

Cavendish Farms prides themselves on high quality frozen potato products and appetizers, exceeding their customer’s needs, and building strong relationships with growers in their communities.

They have two frozen potato processing plants in New Annan, Prince Edward Island, one in Jamestown, North Dakota, one in Lethbridge, Alberta, and an appetizer plant in Wheatley, Ontario.

Bringing the goodness of the farm to homes and restaurants is what they do best with a strong commitment to the land, to the community, and to the people around the world who love their food.

Cavendish Farms is proud of our long-standing history of supporting the communities where we live and work through charitable donations, sponsorships, and employee volunteers.


Polska Federacia Ziemniaka
Polish Potato Federation
Ul. Wiejska 17/16
00-480 Warszawa

Polish Potato Federation

The Polish Potato Federation was established to integrate the Polish potato industry. It carries out continuous activities aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of the domestic potato production, which directly contribute to the competitiveness of the Polish potato on the domestic and international market. The Federation is based on the involvement and values of their members. They are focused on achieving the goals set, and creating new opportunities for the Polish potato industry.

For further information or queries please get in touch with


Ellips USA
116 E Penny Rd.
Wenatchee, WA 98801


Ellips technology was founded over three decades ago by a team of advanced software engineers in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their passion led to the development of the fastest and most accurate optical grading technology in the world. To this day, their technology continues to lead the industry ensuring their customers can see the unseen and ensuring they can maximize every harvest.

Founded with Ellips in Italy in 2010, Elisam now operates in more than 25 countries helping growers to transform their success. Their advanced optical graders can be installed in warehouses of every size and shape, seamlessly integrating into any facility. Every solution is carefully designed and customized to meet the requirements needed with efficiency and accuracy.

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