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WPC Webinar #13 - Diseases Threatening Sustainable Potato Production - Jacquie van der Waals

Upcoming Webinars

Developing the Pipeline from Genomics to New Products
Presenter: Dr. Mark Taylor, Co-leader of Potato Genetics and Molecular Physiology
December 15, 2020

January 14, 2021
Presenter: Mr. Todd Forbush, Storage Systems Engineer, Techmark Inc., USA

February 18, 2021
Presenter: Dr. Eugenia Banks, Potato Specialist, Ontario Potato Board, Canada

April 2021
Presenter: Dr. Paul Horne, Director/ Entomologist IPM Technologies Pty Ltd

May 2021
Presenter: Albert Schirring, Strategy Lead Vegetables & Potatoes, Bayer AG


Presenter: Professor Jacquie van der Waals
November 12, 2020


Presenter: Monica Parker
May 7, 2020


Presenter:  Dr. Alex Karasev
April 14, 2020


Presenter:  Dr. Leah Tsror
March 18, 2020


Presenter:  Hein Kruyt
February 20, 2020


Presenter:  Dr. David Douches
January 24, 2020


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