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China has become the largest potato producer in the world. It has a robust potato industry that is expected to grow due to China’s economic development, increasing demand for diverse and quality food, and important government support. However, not much research exists about this industry, when compared with other crops such as rice, wheat, and maize.

The objective of this report is to identify possible opportunities for global potato industry stakeholders interested in finding potential links and collaborations in the Chinese potato industry. The idea of generating this report began at the very successful 9th World Potato Congress, held in Beijing (Yanqing), PR China, in 2015. Realizing the predominant global impact of the Chinese potato industry, the World Potato Congress, Inc. (WPC Inc.) and the International Potato Center (CIP) signed a memorandum of understanding, laying the initial steps of what later became this report.

WPC Final Report (FINAL March)-01
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