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WPC Toolbox

Potato Value Chain

At the African Potato Association conference in Addis Ababa in 2016, workshops were held to discuss how the WPC could help strengthen the Potato value chain in East Africa. After the sessions, it was clear that partnerships between enterprises or entities that saw their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to help those who seek some sort of assistance to improve their own lives or those of their communities through the potato value chain being improved. In some contexts, it is also seen as a way to alleviate poverty. This is particularly true in the remote mountain regions of the tropical world, where the poorest people live today.

A tool box was designed to address, in specific ways, the needs of individuals and communities. 

Studies that have implemented the Toolbox Approach


Kisima Farms

A large farm supporting local communities.

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Farmer Guta Gudisa

Supported by numerous public and private partners.

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Farmer Tan Wei

Supported by TuMaMa in developing his potato business.

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Pula Potatoes and Vegetables Farmers Association. Supported by private partners.

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Project Allin Kawsay

assists Andean Potato farmers: supported by BASF along with their strategic partners.

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Dashanbao Potato Growers Cooperation

Zhao Yang County

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Trias - Business Partner Management

Ecuador & Peru
(Copyright Isabel Corthier)

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Collaboration and Partnership in Kenya

National potato council of Kenya

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Apical Rooted Cuttings of Potatoes Revolutionized in Kenya

How Generation 1 Seed Potatoes are Produced: Example of Kenyan Farmer James Nderui

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Apical Rooted Cuttings of Potatoes Revolutionized in the Philippines

How Generation 1 Seed Potatoes are Produced in the Philippine highlands

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